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Win your own skatepark (kind of) with Element "Dropspot"!

Win your own skatepark (kind of) with Element "Dropspot"!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Hone your skills in the privacy of your own driveway, then take it to the streets and become the new Nicky “Hammerhouse” Howells with this incredible Element “Dropspot” Skatepark. Check the list of obstacles on offer above!


  1. Freddie jack horner

    would love to win this sidewalk!

  2. Ryver Green

    I would cherish this so much if i won this. I would skate this even if it was raining, please sidewalk. I will skate this everyday, screw the weather! :)

  3. Ashleystreet~skater

    i would honestly love to win this awesome prize so i could show off to my mates my skateboarding tricks and to even practice a bit on that awesome jump because i don’t have one! :] i also wouldn’t have to go to a skate park like T13 in Belfast i could just have it in my backyard. i really wanna win this.

  4. Piero

    I seriously really wish I could win this! Because where I live there’s no place to skate, and it would be awesome to actually win something professional sometimes!

  5. Jordan Lewis!!!

    I would love this!!! 😀 I would even skate it in my hallway!! 😛 Thanks Sidewalk :)

  6. cam

    This is soooooooo sick best comp ever =D !!!

  7. Sk8e99

    I really want to win this even though I’ve got a mini ramp I could practice some airs and grindsin my garden!!!! :):)

  8. Guto

    This is the best prizes ever……id love to win this comp!!! :) id wouldn’t let anyone lay there eyes on this rad kit….plz sidewalk i’ll never be able to afford any of this…..

  9. Nathan Mac

    oh i wud so love 2 win this it is sick its the best prize yet

    plz choose me !!

  10. Nathan Mac

    really need something 2 practice on

  11. Jody

    I would love to win this it would be rad i wouldnt give a shit bout any weather or any work i would just go on this all the time 24/7

  12. the sketchy skater

    we have no skate park in our village and i would like to win this comp to create one

  13. seb

    sdjfhskdjghsdfj i want this so bad man!!!!! when does comp end?

  14. Mark

    who won???

  15. Daniel Miller-Davie

    This would be awsome to have…. i will try to do a dark slide and so any more grinds and flips .. i really want please please please

  16. kayci

    i would pop a combo with all three, its the only way to get seen (H)

  17. daniel curran

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!! ive been saving up for this element skate drop for months i soooooo want this please !!!!!!!!!!

  18. James


  19. Alex

    Mate i would pop a nice fakie big flip off this bad boy kicker!

  20. izak

    i would absolutley love this , i have alllways wanted my own ramps and stuff but all the ones i would like are to expensive . i would snap a nollie fs big spin off the monster kicker haha

  21. jordan neal

    it would be cool if i won these i would no stop skateing for nothing

  22. louis

    plz plz i would do a early grab air

  23. louis

    plz plz plz plz i like your mags better than trasher


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