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Win the new Rowley [SPV] from Vans!

Win the new Rowley [SPV] from Vans!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The idea behind the Rowley [SPV], Geoff’s 15th Vans signature edition, was to create a super lightweight vulcanized shoe that was function and no gimmicks. Slimming down the outsole and modifying the waffle tread, this progressive new style is one of the lightest, lowest, grippiest skate shoes on the market.

Featuring a vulcanized bottom unit for minimum weight and maximum contact and a durable CMEVA footbed that’s contoured for fit and stability, Rowley’s [Super Slim Vulc] comes ready to shred. Available in three colours for Fall, including an all black tuff tech suede/canvas model (shown above)


  1. Richard

    Yehaaa !!!

  2. louis

    i could do with them so badly!

  3. della cornock

    ooohh i want them badly

  4. Adam Bradbury

    comeee onnnnn haha really want them shoes!!

  5. David Percival

    Sweeeeeeet Prize

  6. scott fish

    mmaan they are sick i reaally need a pair!!!


    If I win them they would match my black rubber suit and straight jacket
    please let me win…………. I’m not mad,…really

  8. Emmet Meagher


  9. Nathan Mac

    really really want dem there sick i want them and i need em really badly coz mt etnies are in da bin now wrecked m8

  10. Carol Ash

    Would love to win these for my son.

  11. ptrick

    i need

  12. Ryan

    hey did any1 read my letter in the letters page p.s i entered this

  13. gemma blake

    These shoes are made for winning

  14. Brad Mackinnon

    I am hoping that I am not too late to enter the contest, the sole of vans’ shoes are a unique waffle-grip. I am 9 yrs old and I really like Sean Malto, how would I get an autographed picture from him. My mom and I live in a low income rental place and they have just told us that we cannot skateboard there anymore, where are we supposed to go. There is not a skateboarding place in our area, we were told that we can do it in the parking lot off to the side of our complex, but that is it. It is too noisy for the elderley, but know one cares about us, we need something to do too, there are many of us kids that love to do tricks and learn more skating stuff. I really need some skate shoes, my mom is on disability and I have ADHD, skateboarding helps me get rid of my energy. I also love girl skateboards, mine is getting all beat up and my friends seem to get new ones all the time. Thankyou for lettin me right this letter, mom says to say god bless you all. Brad Mackinnon

  15. jordan flint

    the crumpet sole


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