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Win two Penny cruisers!

Win two Penny cruisers!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to win both of these rad Penny cruisers.

The original Penny cruiser is 22 inches long, but how long is the Nickel version?


  1. Christian

    is this a trick question? O.o

  2. Jamie


  3. Josh

    I love penny boards!!!!

  4. Josh


  5. Joe

    I just Brock my penny so if I won it would mean the world to me

  6. Joe

    Who won?

  7. Joe Yapp

    Guys noticing how many of our names start with a J… PLUS I WANT SOME PENNY BOARDS PLEASE

  8. mani crompton

    come on its ma lucky day

  9. braaidsss

    i neede this so bad it would mean everything 2 me

  10. Chloe

    I want this SO bad! I’ve never owned a skateboard in my life and now that my sister has moved away she’s taken her skateboard with her and i haven’t been able to skate in WEEKS! :O

  11. armando

    i realy need this i just broke my board i need it!

  12. alex

    i want a penny bord for cruzing to the skate park

  13. alex

    i need it for cruzing to the skate park

  14. Calllum

    twenty seven inches

  15. Kailee

    b:27 inches

  16. jamileth

    a nickel penny board is 27 inches


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