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Win a whole load of Zero gear!

Win a whole load of Zero gear!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Feel like you’ve got space in your life for a massive package of goodness from Zero? Of course you do!


  1. Lakellamong

    Ska8 or die

  2. Lakellamong

    I hope I win cuz I need this cuz I dont have no bord that is why im tryn to win so I can get back to ska8n my mom and dad sed thay or no gaveing me no more money for skateboards so I sed im get skateboards on my own tha is why I need to win and I love ska8n so ska8 or die

  3. sketchy skater

    i love skating i allways skate and iv sent in a few vids and aparintly u said it was sweet and i need a new deck there on utube sketchy skater uleashed just foolin and ss n as

  4. E. José


  5. mjrs

    me encanta el skateboards, es autentico

  6. Lakellamong

    I look at this ever day man I hope I win

  7. Lakellamong

    I look at this ever day

  8. Stathis

    Ska8 or die!

  9. Lakellamong

    Man man

  10. sketchy skater

    hav u made ur mind up about the winner m8

  11. Lakellamong

    Its ony eight more days I have ben waiting this hol time what sk8t more day

  12. Lakellamong

    Man I hope I win

  13. Mark

    Hopefully I win this time.

  14. Steff

    I soooooo need to win this…i enter every competition and i always have no luck =( fingers crossed!!

  15. Lakellamong

    Who win

  16. Zeb Mcgregor

    how do i enter?

  17. jacob

    I need this set up so that I can have a new skateboard I would buy one my self but I dont have the money to I wish I could have this board so that i could keep skateboarding. I look for these giveways ever day some people might think its a waste of time but I dint care what they think because one of these day I will be the best skater ever beter than tonyhawk and I will skate for zero.

  18. Emmet Meagher

    awesome id love to win this


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