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Win a board a day from Element Skateboards!

Win a board a day from Element Skateboards!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Element Skateboards have joined forces with Lumadessa, a Portland, Maine-based art and design company run by Josh Brill, to create the all new “Luma Nature” board series, and are giving you the chance to win a board a day by entering their current Facebook competition.

Fancy winning yourself a new board? Of course you do! Simply click here.

To find out more about Josh Brill and Lumadessa, visit

  1. Martin

    Cheers for letting us know Sidewalk!

  2. jay

    thanks for letting us know :)

  3. Abenezer

    It would totally be a dream to win this cuz I only had one board my friend gave me and soon as I got the hang of doing tricks it snapped in half and I am broke so I don’t know what to do cuz from the point I got that board my life was alsome.And guess what board it was (element) the best/only board iv ever had. So pleace help me I can’t last long with out a board!!!!!!

  4. Abenezer

    I’m in need of a board it will be a dream to get at least one. Thank u

  5. Suzanne

    Dream ride.

  6. george d oshash

    i am in need of a board i have been dreaming of getting an element board

  7. joseph mayer

    I have alot of confidence in winning

  8. joffry volkaert

    i am in need of a board i have been dreaming of getting an element board plies

  9. sarah

    hi im a big big fan of boards know all tricks bu only have 1 and that broke i got really upset so thought that i would come to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so can i please have one i would really aprecite it

  10. Brayden

    I rely need a bord or 2 cuz im a huge sk8ter and all my bords are at my dads and Im going to a lock in with my friend David and I am desprite : s

  11. Brayden

    The only thang is I can’t figur out how to inter becas I’m presing it but it’s taking me to the time line

  12. Kevin

    I would like to get one of these boards at least


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