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Slam City giveaway! Win boards, wheels, DVD's and more.

Slam City giveaway! Win boards, wheels, DVD's and more.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

To continue Slam City’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, the legendary Covent Garden store have hooked us up with a whole bunch of gear to pass on to you lucky lot.

Three prize packages are up for grabs – consisting of…

1st Place –  Deck, Wheels, T-shirt and Slam DVD.
2nd Place – Wheels, T-Shirt and Slam DVD.
3rd Place – T-Shirt and Slam DVD


  1. Kevin arthursson

    Stoked to see the new video city of rats! So i hope i win 😉 hehe

  2. Rich

    Kool !!!

  3. jason walsh

    city of rats

  4. david miller

    sooooooo stoked on this , loving the real old school tommy g graphic !!!!

  5. Alden Fredericks

    The new vid looks sweet, so I really hope I win this.

  6. Isaac Robinson

    steezy ass dvd, hope I win this one

  7. Jareth Osborne

    That Board Looks Sick !

  8. braaidsss

    sick as board i need this one

  9. david miller

    😀 who won the amazballs prizes in the end fella’s ( fingers crossed hahaha)


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