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Sean Malto "Deuces Wild" gear must be won!

Sean Malto "Deuces Wild" gear must be won!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

We’re spoiling you lot this week, aren’t we? Here’s a chance for you to get your mitts on a tidy little package of Sean Malto “Deuces Wild” gear, including a pair of Deuces Wild from Etnies and a matching board from Girl!


  1. Stephen wilsonleach

    And Now

  2. C.

    Stephen wilsonleach, why would you give the answer? the reason they have a question is so that the people who answer correctly are people who know something about skateboarding so are more likely to be real skaters and not posers so that the prize goes to a skater that might need some new shoes or a deck. idiot.

  3. luke ogden

    and now


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