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Massive Sean Malto giveaway from Etnies!

Massive Sean Malto giveaway from Etnies!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Etnies Sean Malto skateboarding competition

Sean Malto stopped winning events long enough to oversee a rad Etnies/Fourstar collaboration shoe. To celebrate this fact, we have a pair of the Malto LS Fourstar ETNIES to giveaway, along with other Etnies goodies.


  1. Marlone


  2. akin arrowsmith

    i love the comps you do. please could u do a huge witchcraft or creature comp please.

  3. Rich

    I wanna it !

  4. oscar

    this gear look sick i would love to win it

  5. nicola harrison

    great prize my son would love it x fingers crossed x

  6. Jonathan

    Dude I totally want this !!!!!!!!

  7. Pete A

    Oh yes! I need fashion help!

  8. Lex

    I hope I could win this I need some actual skate shoes. The ones I have are useless

  9. Emmet Meagher

    I hope I win because ETNIES is just a really cool brand and it would be awesome to get this stuff for free

  10. Christopher Weaver

    I LOVE TO SKATE!!!!! but my feet are to big for any kind of size i get. NEED TO WIN!!!!

  11. Christopher Weaver

    If you would like to be dressed by Etnies head to foot, input your answer below… I DO!!!! AND SO DO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!!


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