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Massive Habitat Giveaway!

Massive Habitat Giveaway!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

To celebrate the latest Habitat release “Origin”, Habitat have kindly flowed us this grand giveaway. What a prize!


  1. Joe

    This giveaway is insane. God i hope i win!

  2. Trevor Griffiths

    Up there with the best

  3. Toby

    mate, snapped my board yesterday and my shhoes are ripped apart, this would be actually perfect!!

  4. carolyn

    Answer A

    Good competition.

  5. Pam Richardson

    Great giveaway.

  6. Michael

    Awesome prize :-)

  7. Richard

    Kool stuff. I dig it.

  8. robotrock05

    still watch mosaic before a skate,origin is also so sick my friend brought it round and its so good.I nee this sh*t in my life!!

  9. lakellamong

    i cant say a lot but i have no bord and i hope i win so i can get back to skate

  10. Bev

    Wowser what a prize my skateboarding mad lad would be so made up with this lot:)

  11. jason walsh

    wannit baaaaaadly!!!!!!!!!

  12. mike

    my girl deck that i got for xmas snapped on sunday, i need this giveaway badlyyy!!! :(

  13. Stanzilla

    is it bad that i’m entering every competition i can find at the moment?

  14. Sue McMurray

    Great prize – hope to win – thanks so much

  15. cory rees

    best of luck to one and all but best of luck to me that may seem selfish but hey i want to win


    Perfect gift for my nephew who turns 13 in June

  17. lakellamong

    i hope i win

  18. lakellamong

    ska8 or die

  19. Ricky Willis

    What a fantastic competition!

  20. pandad

    I know the answer but there isn’t a box to enter the answer and the details. Has this comp finished early???

  21. Jaz

    My boy Jaz is skateboard crazy but he only has an old skateboard and would go wild if I won him this prize!!! He’s a great lad and really deserves this surprise.

  22. tim

    who won?

  23. Matt Whitehouse

    looks mega …

  24. Zeb Mcgregor

    How Do i enter this? and is it still open? the awnser is A. awesome giveaway!

  25. alex



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