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Habitat Giveaway - win shoes, a deck and more!

Habitat Giveaway - win shoes, a deck and more!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Here’s your chance to win an early Xmas present, consisting of Habitat shoes, deck, shirt and beanie.


  1. Julius

    I hope i got it

  2. sketchy skater

    i really hope i win this i need a new deck buy sidewalk every month loved the big push 2011

  3. jacqueline maguire

    would like to win

  4. creature boy 24

    hope i get this i love sidewalk and love habitat if i do win thanks sidewalk

  5. Rich

    Real nice !!

  6. Nathan D.

    Wow that would be so cool to win this contest! Habitat’s my favorite Skateboard Company!!!

  7. Troy Browder

    The only board company I will skate is Habitat, and now that they have footwear line is all i have worn since it dropped!! Skatin the HB since 2003
    EAST COAST!!!!

  8. Eric


  9. ehren

    nice give away! gotta be in it to win it! :p merry christmas everyone! :) hating this rain though -.-

  10. James

    hello this is awesome!!!!!

  11. Freddie Jack Horner

    Looks good!..good luck to everyone:)

  12. JO JONES

    Looks great so hope I win

  13. sean n

    How on earth do you actually enter !?


    Hey @sean n, the comp is already finished so you cant enter


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