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Etnies and Landscape Joe Gavin comp!

Etnies and Landscape Joe Gavin comp!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

We all know Joe Gavin f**king kills it when it comes to straight up street slaying. Maybe you could improve your street snaps if you won this bumper Joe Gavin Etnies and Landscape haul…it’s worth a shot!


  1. Rich

    Kool !!!

  2. Alden Fredericks

    Most definitely bong eyes, but It could also be snake eyes, I choose A and B.

  3. Sam Hanson

    for god sake i cant enter this comp or the slam city skates one because (enter the text from the image above isnt working!!!!!!!)

  4. Sam Hanson

    as soon as i post this comment it works :/ bit embarrasing sorry sidewalk

  5. bobadee

    Fantastic Haul – I would be the best mum in the world if I won this for my 2 x 14yr old boys.

  6. Stu

    Fingers crossed….

  7. braaidsss

    come on need this new board so bad!

  8. duncan

    through the eyes of ruby?

  9. Harry

    Sorry sidewalk put answer in wrong place. Sorry…

  10. Daniel

    Would just love this prize, so cool.

  11. Harry Noden

    Accidently put wrong age on entry. Anyway i cud change it? I put nineteen but actually fourteen

  12. Harry Noden

    Its fine now. Sorry again… Bit embarrising

  13. fred

    any but if i had to pick bong eyes


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