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Dylan Williams 'Raw Ams' part from Indepedent Trucks.

Dylan Williams 'Raw Ams' part from Indepedent Trucks.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Dylan Williams is our Girl and Lakai endorsed goth hunting brethren straight out of Bakersfield, California, who we accidentally kidnapped a couple of weeks ago and took on a five day roadtrip from Long Beach down to San Diego then back up to Orange before finally allowing him to flee home.

Not only is he a fan of amazing hip hop, he also enjoys tucking away Tecate’s like they’re going out of fashion and knows how to spot a legendary urinal or two.

Anyway, yesterday evening his latest clip dropped via Strange Notes and Independent Trucks, which is full of next level flip in/flip out rail and ledge wizardry – familiarise yourself now; you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from this lad over the course of 2014…


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