“Yam Dat Still” – fresh London footage from Morph! If you were hyped on Dane “Morph” Crook’s last full length video “Yam Dat” that we released via the site last year, then prepare to be stoked beyond belief as The Mayor Of Walthamstow himself is now dropping monthly edits straight from the streets of London, exclusive to the Sidewalk site!

“Yam Dat Still”, the first monthly offering from Morph, is online right now and features Big Smoke rawness from the likes of Chewy Cannon, Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith, Paul Shier, Joe Gavin, Lucien Clark, Snowy, Harry Lintell, Kevin Lowry, Barney Page and plenty of others.

Get stuck in below and expect more of the same from Morph this time next month.

Prepare to rewind the clip’s intro a good few times too – the term “comedy gold” doesn’t even come close…

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