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"St Anne's: Full Circle" documentary - part 2 online now!

"St Anne's: Full Circle" documentary - part 2 online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Continuing on from where we left off last Wednesday, the second and final part of Peter Adam’s amazing “Full Circle” documentary charting the rise and fall of the legendary St Anne’s plaza in Belfast is now online and ready to be watched below!

Witness Bernie Rea’s legendary casual destruction of St Anne’s, before the 2001 regeneration of Belfast city center meant the end of the plaza’s EMB-like reign over Irish skateboarding. Despite the councils best efforts to level the area, skaters still flock to the present day incarnation of St Anne’s to session the still intact nine set, and to step to the new Belfast proving ground “The Ten”.

Watch on below – with more rare footage from over the years and interviews from Jay Dords, Conhuir and Denis Lynn, Hippy, Chris Shannon, Pete Adam and various others.

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