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Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Greenpeace Skatepark Highlights

Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Greenpeace Skatepark Highlights

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed down to the legendary Glastonbury Festival to document all the skating from the Greenpeace Skatepark, which found itself back in the center of the Greenpeace Field with skaters from all over the country showing up to put on twice daily demos for the eager crowds.

Check out the edit of highlights from the weekend’s skating below, with Ben Grove, Barney Page, Sam Pulley, Caradog Emanuel, Woody, Gez Magus, Daryl Dominguez, Kris Vile, Dave Pegg, Trev Beasley and others.

Massive props to Bob Sanderson, Martin, Jay, A Third Foot, Bullet, Quiksilver, Etnies, WESC, Greenpeace and everybody involved for making it happen! See you all again in 2013…

For years now, Greenpeace has been promoting Forest Friendly FSC wood at Glastonbury and other festivals through its skate ramp.

Greenpeace has promoted FSC for years as the only truly reliable certification scheme for wood and paper products. The Greenpeace ramp demonstrates you can do anything with FSC wood, that it’s easily available and helps to make the link between choosing FSC, helping to protect the incredible biodiversity found in our ancient rainforests, whilst also helping to mitigate climate change.

  1. Robert Brown


    I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to get in touch with Bob who was helping run the skatepark at this years Glastonbury festival. I met him during the Primal Scream gig on the Friday night and would love to get in touch with him again, I couldn’t find him when i went to look on the Sunday at the Skatepark. My name is Bob Brown and if you could just pass my E mail onto him if you have anyway of contacting him it would be so good of you. Bob will remember me and I want to forward a photo I took of us together.

    Thanks for your time,



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    Hello People :), Im New TO This Forum. How are you guys doing?


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