Cliché Skateboards “Bullseye” UK Tour video! Back in April this year, the assembled Cliché Skateboards crew rolled their way around the UK on their dart fueled “Bullseye” tour, taking in stops at London, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Birmingham, with street spots getting hit along the way.

In the van for the mission were Lucas Puig, Charles Collet, Flo Mirtain, Sammy Winter, Joey Brezinski, Jeremie Daclin, Javier Mendizabal and John Tanner.

The full video from the tour is now online, filmed by Tim Smith and edited by Vincent Jugnet – set aside the next 6 or so minutes of your day, watch the clip below then head on over to the Competitions Page to win Lucas Puig’s set up from the trip!

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