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Win a pair of "Chris Cole S" shoes from DC!

Win a pair of "Chris Cole S" shoes from DC!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

“If you were Chris Cole for a day, what would you do?”

If you fancy winning yourself a brand new pair of the “Chris Cole S” shoes from DC, all you need to do is rack your brain and answer the aforementioned question! You’ve got until the end of the month to come up with something amazing, so get that grey matter of yours feeling creative then head on over to the My DC Crew UK Facebook Page now to enter.

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  1. Ruben Camacho

    If I were Chris Cole for a day, I’d skate with the zero team, have sex with my(Chris Cole) wife then skate at the berrics, get a bunch of my signature decks, trucks and wheels and send them to Ruben Camacho, go meet all of Ruben’s favorite skaters like Lizard King and Mike Mo then go to my house, eat as much pancakes and burritos as I possibly can, call every skateboard mag I know of and tell them to follow me for the day, go skate around Tampa until I feel like vomiting then make sure when im about to vomit I’m doing a double heelflip 180 across the coolest gap I can find and that the camera gets a pic of me in the air throwing up. Then go to sleep, knowing I lived the dream.

  2. edward o

    if i were chris cole for a day i would get a new skate board set up new shoes and some new jeans from DC then i would go and pull of the gnarlyest skate stunt get it on film and then go have a coffe.After that i would go help some begginers to skate once all thats done i would go and have a beer or shandy go for a subway (italian BMT) and then i would head down to the local park and tear the place up id tre the drive way from bank to flat and shut everyone down !!! at the end of the day id give the new setup to a person that has impressed me the most skating at the park then go on the piss with my mates.

  3. Cory Arsenault

    I’d go to all the local parks and play games of skate with the kids and for ever letter i get id give some gear away to the kid. I mean I’m Chris Freakin Cole….me getting letters….kinda a crazy thought dont you think? But W/e ill probably let the kids get to me cus I dont need all that gear and itll make the kids happy. Then I’d go the the Fantasy Factory and hang with Rob and do something crazy. He’s gotta recognize who’s DC’s new top dog! After that maybe stop by the black box wearhouse and grab some new stuff cus the kids jacked it all from me, say whats up to Jamie (Thomas) and joke about how im gonna sell my shares of Zero to donald trump. Then go home lay on the couch eating tacos and drinking monster and getting buff.


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