The Welsh (and Churchill) do the American NorthWest – blog part 2

The Monster and Vans backed rabble of Marc Churchill, Jake Collins and Beanhead, with Lee Dainton and Jerome Loughran on documentation duties, have just sent in their second blog from their American NorthWest mission.

Have a browse below now to see what they’ve been up to since the first part dropped at the week, and keep an eye out for part 3…

Waking up in the states and its as wet as it is at home sucks...southward bound the weather is better down there I'm told! Jake wanted to slappy that curb so much.
Coffee, donuts, WiFi...wet mornings suck.
Driving south the weather turns in our favor. Your fiest park under bridge, with some inbred locals.
Newport, Oregon, in the Fog. Epic to wake up in a Newport without chavs.
Epic park 3, Walport, the "time trials" spot from Beauty and the Beast! 9.9seconds the new record, haha