Wangl Tangl bloggings part 1

After a 15 hour drive and taking in five different countries, at 3am Sunday morning we finally rolled into Mayrhofen, Austria for this years “Wangl Tangl” snowboard and skate event. The skate comps aren’t on until later in the week, so expect regular doses of pointless snowboard and nonsense based bloggings until then.

Marc Churchill, Ben Nordberg, Manhead, Greg Nowik, Andy Scott, Silent Will and Nic Powley are all currently knocking about in the mountains somewhere, with Danny Wainwright, Chris Pfanner and some other Vans Europe heads expected to show up in the near future.

Internet access is pretty limited at the moment, but keep an eye out for random updates over the course of the week. See below for the first brief round of snapshots…

Nordberg, Churchill, Nowik, Manhead and Silent – off to drop some hot thou’s…

Home for the next week.

Look who’s in town on Thursday…

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