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Wakestock 2007 - Part 1

Wakestock 2007 - Part 1

So my laptop is currently in for repair, and, as a result, I’m having to use my slow as f*ck old iMac, which is probably going to get hoyed out of the window in the near future. Anyway, whilst rooting around on here earlier, I stumbled upon a fair few snapshots from a variety of trips that went the first half of 2007, mainly from when we were filming for ‘Baghead Flats’. And before Nordberg broke my stills camera with a melon.

To start with, here’s a few pictures from the rained out disaster that was Wakestock 2007…

J-Gards in a pre-Rick Astley moment of calm.

Nordberg and James fully engaged in table football. Because it was raining.


The rain comes down, the mongs roll in, The Boss disapproves.


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