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'Volcornered' with Kris Vile - submit your questions now!

'Volcornered' with Kris Vile - submit your questions now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


Volcom Clothing and Sidewalk Magazine are giving you, the reader, your chance to ask Kris Vile any question. Whatever you always have wanted to ask him! ANYTHING!

Here is how it works:
– Post a comment with your question in the comments section below or on the Sidewalk forum. You can also hit us up via our Facebook post about this article too.
– We will then gather all your comments, trap Kris in a corner, and force him to answer the questions we pick to be the most ‘introspective’, let’s say, and capture it all on video.
– The video will then be up on, and in the next week or so.

Be sure to ask your question today – the closing date is Friday 15th March!

The best questions will have a possibility of winning a Jelle Keppens ‘Featured Artist’ t-shirt and a Rent-A-Cop jacket from Volcom. Boom!

Jelle_Keppens Rent-A-Cop Jacket

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  1. Harry Moorman

    Hi Kris, how long have you been skating and what was your local scene like when growing up?

  2. Evan Knight

    sup kris, would you rather be burned alive, drowned, or have every limb slowly hacked away with an axe.

  3. Daryl Dominguez

    Tell us where the name bin-bags comes from?? And when was the last time you cried?

  4. Ryan

    did you ever feel Kurt Vile from Philly stole your image? and would you ever be a member of Kurt Vile & the Violators?

  5. Winston Montaskrimp

    Heya,what are your top 3 first date does and donts?

  6. Neil Smith

    Hi kris, is there anything you don’t know?

  7. Tom

    Hey Kris. What flavour of skate wax helps you get the ladies?


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