VIBE SEEKERS “Seek And Vibe” Full Tour Video 2013

A plethora of positives feature in Note’s “Seek And Vibe” tour from last year and the fear that these measly words won’t do it justice is high!

NOTE heads assembled and did various Mancunian park demo’s for the screaming public, combining top skating on some questionable obstacles with the utmost of hilarity!

Sponsored by Rockmonster energy beer and featuring: Kev Eley, Ben Grove, Alex Davies, Tony Da Silva, Dom Henry, Joe Gavin, Bruce Pouncey, Damo, Gez Curran, Nic Stansfield, Charlie O’donnell, Father Jed Coldwell, Keanu Robson, Pablo Aresu, Dan Cintra, Chris Barrett, Tom Day, Mark Kendrick, Sam Beckett, Rob Smith, Nev, Eddie Belvedere, Chris Cole, Phil Zwijsen, Manhead, Garry Woodward, Sexual Stu, Steven O’grady, Ferg Anderson, Quenchin Tarrantino ,John mother fucking BELL,Louie Brounlie and Lil Pun.

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