Vans “Four Corners: East” with Danny Wainwright in China.

“Four Corners” is a year long project chronicling the Vans European skate team as they crisscross the globe on the eternal quest for new skate spots. Along the way they experiences new cultures, meet amazing people and offer you their impressions on some lesser known skate destinations.
These films aim to show a bit more of the the local colour and culture than your average skate edit. Skaters like Flo Marfaing, Kris Vile, Josh Young, Nassim Guammaz, Sam Partaix, Ross McGouran, Danny Wainwright and many more share their thoughts and experiences of the locations as well as just skating them.
The latest Four Corners edit is now up, this time around featuring TM and all round legend Danny Wainwright as he gives you his take on China…

Four Corners: East – Danny Wainwright from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

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