Unabomber in Malaga blog – the final day.

The Unabomber crew are now safely back in the UK after last weeks excursion to Malaga, coverage of which should grace the pages of the mag at some point in the near future.

Anyway, see below for snapshots from the final day…

First spot of the day - returning to the outskirts to handle some unfinished business.
Scott starting the day as he meant to go on. The first of many...
Will and Manhead and their new gang of mosher mates.
John taking care of Bomber branding on the streets.
John was hyped, the dude was hyped, his scooter was hyped, as was the random baguette in the bottom left!
Scott and John take in the parade that passed through the city.
John after scoring his brief debut appearance on Spanish TV.
Grove and Daz, ready for the off.
Two thirds of Team Pissed (Craig and Scott) clash with Team Sunburn (Grove).
Team Pissed feeling the effects of all day boozing...
...whilst Manhead and John form Team Wide Awake.

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