Unabomber in Malaga blog – Day 2

The Unabomber mission to Malaga got off to a pretty productive start, despite the fact that the rain stopped play once every two or hours or so. Check the snaps from the first full day below – more to follow so stay tuned…

Sitting around watching Jason Lee's section from Video Days - not a bad start to the day.
The first case of rain stopping play.
Lomax and his Happy Meal toy. Not too sure what it did apart from make some random noise.
Been loving the Lomo app on my phone. Arty n' that, yeah?
Smedley made a new mate.
Scott and the high-res poster outside a supermarket. Feel the art!
Rain fully stops play again. For a bit.
Smedley split his shin open, then fixed it by holding his leg together with elecetrical tape. All was well.
Water leapage.
Chris diseased his whole body for two photos. Straight up dedication.
Manheads random sweet find.

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