12 Days of Christmas: The Winners

Until next year…

Your emails have been collected, the answers have been gone over with a fine tooth comb and we are now pleased to announce the victors of our first “12 Days of Christmas” competition.

Winner: Richard Pullinger, a box full to the brim of product will be finding its way to you very soon.

Runners Up: Daniel Stones, Josh Devney and Francisco Lima.

A massive thanks to all the competitions sponsors: Death, Vans, Volcom, Mischief, The Story Store, Slam City, Revival and Shiner.

And here are the answers, just in case you were wondering…

Day 1: Issue 11 cover

James Hacker

Day 2: No Home Comforts

Dan Cates

Blayney Hamilton

Dave Chesson

Emilio Arnanz

Day 3: OG Blueprint Team

Ewan Bowman

Dan Magee

Flynn Trotman

Day 4: Frank Stephens sections

Scene videos: Tough Guys, Grow Up, Ex Rental

Independent videos: Video Log 6 and 7, Playing Fields, First Broadcast

Company videos: Unapromo, Headcleaner, Urbane Mob, In Motion, Freedom Fries

Day 5: Flip covers

Issue 1 – Tom Penny

Issue 13 – Ali Boulala

Issue 42 – Andy Scott

Issue 60 – Tom Penny

Issue 78 – Ali Boulala

Issue 84 – Ali Boulala

Issue 100 – Tom Penny

Issue 119 – Geoff Rowley

Issue 120 – Lance Mountain

Day 6: Death

Patrick Melcher, Dan Cates, Carl Wilson, Boots, Dave Allen, Dean Palmer

Day 7: Slam and Story

Slam City: Andrew Brophy, Nick Jensen, Vaughn Baker, Charlie Young, Olly Todd, Rob Mathieson

The Story Store: Mark Baines, Danny Beall, Tom Harrison, Jerome Campbell, Paul Shier, Danny Brady, Lucien Clarke, Arthur Tubb, Josh Kerr

Day 8: Mischief Team

Adam Stoddart, Ollie Barnes, Danny Calow, Ronny Calow, Kev Dawson, Neil Urwin, Scott Palmer, Reece Hunter

Day 9: Disguised People

Scott Whittaker Page 43

Ashley Skidmore Page 118

Nicky Howells Page 12

Nick Stansfield Page 59

Day 10: DVDs

Puzzle – Winter

Real – Life and Times/Remix Project

Emerica – Wild in the Streets

Blind – What If?

DVS – City Of Dogs

Puzzle – Summer

DLX – Summer Comes Early Tour

Vans – Are We There Yet?

Creature – Born Dead / Black Metal

Vox – Black and Blue / Hoon

Day 11: Interviews

Leo Smith, Dave Snaddon, Joey Crack, Chris Oliver, Benson, Boots, Dylan Hughes, Layth Sami, Adam Howe, Chris Jones, Scott Whittaker

Day 12: Covers

Adam Stoddart, Ben Reamers, Josh Clarke, Carl Wilson, Ross McGouran, Lucien Clark, Benson, Conhuir Lynn, Ben Grove, Ben Nordberg, Dan Wileman, Dan Cates

Until next year…