Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

Flip Industry section – 411 #11 (1995)

Powerful vert antics from Rune, a kickflip 540 from Andy, a handful of street bangers from Geoff and his knackered ankle and one of the best lines ever committed to film from Tom…as far as declarations of intent go, none could really sniff at Flip Skateboards 411 debut proper, the 1995 ‘Letter From America’ Industry section.

The mix of British comedy and genuinely next level skating caught the attention of pretty much everyone who was lucky enough to pop this cassette in their VHS player back in 1995, and if you weren’t having to physically pick your jaw up from the floor and clamp your gob shut by the time Tom was rolling away from that switch frontside flip down the Carlsbad gap, then chances are there was something wrong with your retinas. Either that or the tracking on your nan’s video machine was fucked.

Safe to say it was that ballistic that no one seemed to notice it was actually Ali Cairns handling narration duties in lieu of an absent Scotty…

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