Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

John Rattray – 411 #37 (1999)

“Aberdeen, Scotland, has been the oil capital of Europe to twenty years. The local economy balances on the razors edge of US financing. What am I doing? Skateboarding in the US…”

Prior to this section being released at the end of 1999, most people in America had never really heard of John Rattray, but rest assured after this ‘Rookies’ section dropped, John was one of the most talked about and in demand skateboarders out there. Over the course of the next two years, John found himself swapping Blueprint for Zero, joined the full team at Circa and relocated full time over the Atlantic to Oregon.

But at the time this part was filmed, it was nothing more than Mos Def on the soundtrack, Hawaiian shirts flailing and a whole load of bolted ‘firsts’ at some serious Stateside step up spots. Then back to the UK to carry on filming for ‘Waiting for the World’…