Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

Total Chaos: The Brits of 411VM.

Alex Moul – 411 #36 (1999)

The Oxford born Alex Moul has always been ahead of the curve – as the up and coming street kid on Deathbox he was miles ahead of everyone else, then when he reappeared as part of the Flip roster in the mid to late 90s he clearly still had that desire for progression that made him so exciting to watch the first time around.

Even though he was a pivotal part of the aforementioned Warner Avenue rabble and had become a regular face on 411 since his return to the States in 1997, it wasn’t until issue 36 that Mouly scored his very own section, by way of this ‘Wheels of Fortune’ that came out in the autumn of 1999.

It might have been slightly overdue, but it was still another welcome UK notch in the 411 bedposts.

The line at 1:53 = fucking savage.

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