Tom Tanner ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 199

From Sidewalk 199 – April 2013


Portrait by Leo Sharp
Photography by Reece Leung
Words by The Lost Art collective


Powerful, adaptable skater man! Great lad, I think he’s trill.
-Karim Bakhtaoui


I don’t know whether I should start with this guy’s love for some terrific pop tracks or his blonde frosted tips? In between getting lennied in the K and being the most critical employee at Lost Art, Tom is the best.

Style is everything for Tom and that’s reflected in everything from his strength on a skateboard to the depths of his jazzy shirt collection! If this just isn’t enough information about this strapping young fellow, here’s his number – call him maybe? 07993***224


He’s my favourite alliteration of a person and his back 3’s get the witnesses gushing! Always address him by his full name too; I’m not sure if he likes it but everyone seems to do it.
-Guy Jones


Funky shirts, frosted tips and baggy school pants. Trill.
-Tom Harrison


Tom Tanner is sponsored by Palace (shop flow) and Lost f*cking Art, yo.


Once you pop you can’t stop. Photo: Leung

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