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Tom Penny's TWS "30th Anniversary" interview.

Tom Penny's TWS "30th Anniversary" interview.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Oxford legend and OG Flip Skateboards rider Tom Penny finds himself occupying the 21st spot on Transworld’s “30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time” list. His accompanying online interview is now live and ready to be watched, which sees Tom discussing his influences, the importance of magazines, getting covers and more…

  1. Bertie

    Is he putting that voice on? Legend or not, sounds like a retard. A definite advert for not smoking too much weed.

  2. james

    No he is not putting it on you fool. he is ENGLISH. its a ACCENT and he just happens to have a very deep voice. of course years of smoking and drinking has made it even more Tom Waits like. pay respect. he sounds articulate, wise and humble.


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