The Harmony in Portugal

Leo is currently in Portugal with various Harmony types on a spring getaway/filming and photo mission, so, chances are that he’ll be firing over a selection of random camera phone snapshots on an almost daily basis to share with you all.

Check out the first lot below – more tomorrow, presumably.

Adam, engrossed in a well written piece about Cindy getting her washing machine fixed.

Adam again, this time fighting off some cretinous crack fingers.

The renovation of Bradford city center is going well.

Joe, Ali and Jak are well down for The Harmonys Portuguese flow rider.

Where ma dawgs at?

Good name. Tone is stoked.

The annual ‘cock-muff-bumhole’ tournament gets into full swing.

You’d think not putting your arm in the mouth of a massive creature would be common sense…There’s just no telling some people.

I hope for their sakes that they’re not.

I take it this is also spitting distance from the hotel, too? Pffft.

Obligatory crew shot for the ender!

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