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The Harmony in Greece

The Harmony in Greece

More photos and bloggin’-cam, this time from the point and shoot of Ollie Whitehead, with captions by Adam Mondon.

Tony’s new Myspazz Pic

Our mate the Sunglasses salesman, he got Danny with some 5 euro fake Raybans

Typical ‘Brits abroad’, had trouble finding our way at first

Jak with T shirt of the week

Joe was brave enough to break out the shorts straight away

‘Hey Hey we’re the Monkees’, or something like that

Tony was Dr Doolittle on the trip and didn’t hesitate to buy the many strays some grub

Yeah, I’m hardcore

Jamie bringing Street Dancing to a new level

The local Pizza joint advert, needless to say we didn’t dine there

And more video bloggin’… Skateboarding Videos >>


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