It Takes Tea – The RIP Edit

After almost 3 years, Paul Silvester and co’s Radworx park in Blantyre, Scotland, has had to prematurely close its doors this month due to burst water pipes.

To give the park a fitting send off, Silky has made one last “It Takes Tea” edit, this time mixing up some of the laughs and best tricks that went down at the park over the last few years – watch on below, featuring Colin Adam, Paul Silvester, Tom Harrison, Danny Jack, Josh Young, Barney Page, Adam Paris, Daryl Dominguez, Darryl Nobbs, Emily Russell, Ross McSherry, Arron Wilmot, Martin Maguire, Scott Anderson and more.

Keep an eye on the Radworx site for info on an upcoming project from the Blantyre crew – it looks like they might be back sooner than you think…

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