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Supertoxic Urethane comp! Win the lot...

Supertoxic Urethane comp! Win the lot...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


Fond of donning all black for an all black attack? Fancy some new rounds of compact urethane? Well, this Supertoxic Urethane comp is for you! Win yourself…

One Supertoxic Urethane hoodie.
One Supertoxic Urethane t-shirt.
One Supertoxic Urethane beanie.
One set of Supertoxic Urethane wheels.
A bunch of rad stickers.

Simply answer the following –

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  1. charlie hirst

    sick comp

  2. Chris Medina

    The only reason I enter contest is because my parent a are in debt and can’t afford anything for me

  3. David Di-palma

    I just need them reason being my mum and dad think skateboards are rubbish and they will not let me get more stuff. HELP ME

  4. William+Wilson

    I neeeed some new wheels because my other wheels are worn down soo muthch you can see a little bit of the Bering and I can’t afford a new set

  5. Nasir Frank Furt Montana

    B. Alex Moul


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