Superdead “Something for the Weekend” blog 2

Footage from the first Superdead weekender is on the way so keep a keen eye out for that – for now, have a browse of day two’s snapshots from Tez, covering the crews outing to the Western part of Yorkshire…

Denis was stoked when Santa emptied his sack!
Keeping it strictly gangsta down at Subvert. (Parental advisory) album dropping soon yo!
The words ‘don’t fooking blog me’ are still ringing in my ears!
Eddie is everyones favourite product-tosser….
Yesterday we had Remon and Lintell learning how to make tea, by day 2 raw street dogger Chris Barrett had mastered the art of shoe lace tying.
My very “Special” friends!
Belvedere and Barrett do technology while (probably) organising their night time entertainment of booze and stuff. Good night and Jah bless.