Superdead “Something for the Weekend” blog 1

This past weekend saw the entire Superdead squad rolling through Blackpool and Castleford for the first of their “Something for the Weekend” demos. Along for the ride were Eddie Belvedere, Andy Scott, Harry Lintell, Nick Remon, Chris Barrett, Ben Rowles, Awadh Mohamed, Josh Parr and Denis Lynn, with Cubic on board as official Hype Man.

Footage from the demos will be appearing soon, but for now check out TM Tez’s bloggings from the first Blackpool stop. More to follow…

Barrett, Rowles and Belvedere looking hyped at the prospect of the first Superdead demo.
Awadh coming clean and accepting what we’ve always said.
Lancashire and Yorkshire reunited. Tea and biscuits stops any talk of war.
Massive thanks to the lovely Drea for the hospitality and for putting up with us idiots! X
This is a game were if you get caught looking at the person donning the super hero glasses, you have to lie down on the ground no matter were you are. Young Josh Parr is obviously a master at said game.
Booze crew Cubic and Eddie talk about Saviers and cockroaches.
Superdead youth Remon and Lintell have now got their GCSE in brew training. Good work boys!