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Superdead Skateboards has landed - info here!

Superdead Skateboards has landed - info here!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Straight from the Tez’s mouth…

“So we are starting a Skateboard company, its called “Superdead” .
Yeah we know there’s 100’s if not 1000’s of skateboard companies already.
Foolish, naive, yes, but tell me something we haven’t been called before.
We are doing this because we get stoked on rad graphics and art, we are doing this because we always wanted to put a bangin’ team together,we are doing this because we get stoked on skateboarding!”

Check the first line of graphics and the debut team ad below, and keep an eye on for a web promo in the coming weeks.

  1. Liam Taylor


    I hear Superdead Skateboards are trying to expand. I’m 16 and want to be a photographer. I have already photographed Channon Wallace from Karma skateboards he said he was stoked with the photos.

    Check my blog out (above) this is where my photos go. If interested or have any advice please reply.


  2. Rudy Leary

    What about the X-games? Did you check out the wipeout by Paris today? Apparently the commentators are saying that he is wiggling all his limbs. I thought he he broke his neck. Go check it out on youtube. He didn’t start the flip soon enough. It for sure looked like he was done.


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