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Sunday Service: Tom Penny/Chad Muska - "Collage" (2001)

Sunday Service: Tom Penny/Chad Muska - "Collage" (2001)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Voting for this years Big Push is now closed! Whilst we tally up the votes and figure out whether Nike SB, Vans, Etnies, adidas Skateboarding, Shiner, DC Shoes or Converse are the winners, involve youself with a lesser seen minute or so of Tom Penny footage from the mid-90’s Huntington Beach era courtesy of Danny Minnick’s 2011 ‘best of’ style compilation “Collage”, with some rare Chad Muska footage on the end and appearances from Remy Stratton and Rune Glifberg.

The Big Push 2011 winner will be announced on the cover of Decembers mag, pay attention!

Tom Penny/Chad Muska – “Collage” (2001)

  1. will

    thanks for posting this, that no pads full cab and the nollie late shove over the rail at hungtington were absolutely perfect. never seen those clips before and anything from Penny is pure gold


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