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Sunday Service: Tom Brown

Sunday Service: Tom Brown

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

After a long, long period without one, Leeds has finally got its very own Skater Owned Shop, in the form of “Welcome”, which is run by a collection of deeply connected West Yorkshire heads. The opening shindig kicked off in Leeds on Friday night, with the grand (and presumably hungover) opening of the store taking place yesterday morning.

This is obviously a severely overdue necessity for a scene as large and as prominent as the one housed in Leeds, so make sure you go spend some cash in Welcome the next time you’re in town. Props to all involved, now go support!

To tie in with the opening of the shop, Paul ‘Man’ Silvester has dug out an unseen section of ‘Welcome’ family member Tom Brown, filmed in and around the Leeds area across 2004!

West Yorkshire represent!

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  1. stupid bloody tuesday

    tom brown is rad man!

  2. Paul 'old skool' Scott

    cracking to see this…
    Tom Brown has always killed…


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