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Sunday Service: Superdead Team Promo 2011 (2011)

Sunday Service: Superdead Team Promo 2011 (2011)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

So we kickstarted the week by breaking the news to you that Chris Oliver has now parted ways with Blind Europe and has landed himself a spot as the newest pro on Superdead! If you somehow managed to let it pass you by, check out his ridiculous “Chris Oliver has a massive secret…” welcome clip now!

Anyway, to keep things Superdead related, we decided to share with you the 2011 Superdead team promo that was only previously available on the “In Progress” bonus disc that came free with Decembers issue of the mag. Click the play button below now for a healthy slab of unseen footage from Andy Scott, Eddie Belvedere, Harry Lintell, Denis Lynn, Nick Remon, T-Bag and the rest!

Superdead team promo 2011


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