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Sunday Service: Rory Milanes - Landscape "Horizons" (2008)

Sunday Service: Rory Milanes - Landscape "Horizons" (2008)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The Big Push 2011 is in full effect!

Check out the Big Push mini site for blogs from Etnies, Vans, Nike SB, Shiner, Converse, Adidas and DC as they each make their own ways around the country, and keep checking back for continually updated bloggings for the rest of the coming week until the Big Push reaches its eventual end on Wednesday.

Rory Milanes can be found on the Converse Big Push, can also be seen leaping in the weekly Sunday Service newsletter, and can be watched in his section from the 2008 Landscape DVD “Horizons” by pressing the play button below. That’s all for this week, back to Big Push-ing for us – see you next week!

Oh yeah, check out for plenty more gems from the Landscape moving image archive.

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