Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Mackey – ‘Kenobeds’ (2002)

“Kenobeds was a never meant to be a real video. I started filming my friends every now and then as a memento of my time in Liverpool. I had very little footage as we were more busy skating and having fun than filming. One day I dislocated my foot so I knew I wouldn’t be able to skate for a long time as it kept popping in and out of place.
Spring was there and summer was coming so I went out to skate spots to hang out and I started filming a lot for something to do. I decided to get at least one clip of every single one of my friends; some people managed a few clips, some have one trick, some were killing it. My foot slowly healed and I was able to film some clips too.
I know since then a lot of us went different ways, I’ve lost touch with most people in Kenobeds but every time I think of that video it brings back good memories from my old friends and it will always put a smile on my face. And to all my friends from that era, thank you for the good times.” – ‘French’ Fred Bezombes, 2011.

The full video has been online for a while now, but hit the play button below to take in Lost Art proprietor Dave Mackey’s end section.

The go for a skate…

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