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Sunday Service: Joey Pressey - Landscape "Horizons" (2008)

Sunday Service: Joey Pressey - Landscape "Horizons" (2008)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The first full length Slam City video “City of Rats” is due in stores within the next few days, so get those pennies at the ready and prepare to take in Hold Tight Henry’s hour long injection of raw London street skating.

Check out the line up in case it’s somehow happened to pass you by: Rory Milanes, Nick Jensen, Joey Pressey, Nick Jensen, Neil Smith, Karim Bakhtaoui, Lucien Clarke, Steph Morgan, Casper Brooker, Darius Trabalza, Jin Shimizu, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Rob Mathieson John Tanner, Danny Brady, Scott Howes and Oliver Todd alongside the Slam Family and the rest of London.

Building the hype some more, cast your eyes below this very writing to witness Joey Pressey’s section from the 2008 Alan Glass produced Landscape video “Horizons”, then check the new Joey footage when you get your own copy of “City of Rats” this week!

Joey Pressey – Landscape “Horizons” (2008)


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