Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Joel Curtis – Landscape “Portraits” (2003)

Having ridden flow for Zero since the late 90’s, Sheffield’s Joel Curtis jumped ship in the early 2000’s to join Mark “Fos” Foster’s Organic Skateboards outfit alongside Snowy, Olly Todd and Toby Shuall, which later became the company we know today as Landscape. In 2003 Joel put out his first proper section since his opening part in Neil Chester’s 1998 Sumo Skateshop video “Through The Eyes Of Ruby”, as he laid claim once more to the first section in Landscape’s debut VHS release “Portraits”.

Still stepping to handrails, Joel was now also bringing out his quick footed tech lines, cruising spots around the North of the UK and Europe whilst skating to a classic Cure banger!

Witness Joel’s “Portraits” section now – click the play button below…

Filmed and edited by Chris Massey.