Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Joe Gavin – “Once Upon A Time” (2005)

To kick-start the week, The Harmony brought you an all new ten minute long “Psycho Killers” promo video, featuring Joe Gavin, Jamie Errington, Jak Pietryga, Ali Drummond, Taylor Oakley, Tony Da Silva, Pablo Aresu and friends. Made up of two team montages and an edit from their recent The Harmony vs Witchcraft jam at The Pump Cage, Manchester, this is definitely worthy of ten minutes out of anyones day – click: The Harmony – “Psycho Killers” promo video 2011

To keep things on a Harmonious tip for you, this weeks Sunday Service goes once again to Joe Gavin, as we bring you his short but brilliant “after the credits” section from The Harmony’s first release “Once Upon A Time” (2005).
Ram your mouse into the play button below to delve in…

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