Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Jamie Turnbull’s “Wide Eyed World” (1993)

After Jamie Turnbull himself appeared on the Sidewalk Forum wondering if his 1993 independent UK classic “Wide Eyed World” had been posted online anywhere yet, Mark Nicolson took it upon himself step to the plate and used a rainy day to digitise the full video for the rest of the world to see.

In case you are unaware, clocking in at a little over fifteen minutes in length, Wide Eyed World is a pretty important homegrown history lesson from a time when it was almost an annual event that someone put out a UK video, and, if common lore is to be believed, then it is also one of the first (if not the first) entirely independent UK productions, released the year before Mike Manzoori’s “Sound and Vision” which we previously shared with you at the start of 2011.

Primarily made up of montages featuring plenty of the regular heads in the UK scene at the time, including the likes of Alan Rushbrooke, Mark Baines, Ali Cairns, Neil Urwin, Matt Harfield, Simon Skipp, Dan Magee, Luke McKirdy, Matt Pritchard, Danny Wainwright, Colin Kennedy, Carl Shipman and Dave Allen, Wide Eyed World can be located waiting for you right below this very text! Click the play button below and embrace a healthy dose of super rare 18 year old UK footage…

Serious props to Mark Nicolson and Jamie Turnbull for making this happen!

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