Sunday Service

Sunday Service: The Harmony – “Peace, Love and Booze” Tour (2005)

The latest issue of the mag is now out and about in the wide world, which sees The Harmony’s assembled crew of humans roaming around East Anglia in search of the legend that is Frank Stephens. Did the have any joy? Pick up a copy for yourself to find out!

Anyway, to coincide with The Harmony’s latest UK jaunt, Adam Mondon has unearthed the video from their first trip, entitled “Peace, Love and Booze”, from way back in 2005 when the team consisted of Paul Silvester, Eddie Belvedere, Tom Harrison, Jak Pietryga, Veran Tull, Danny Jack, Danijel Todorovic and Adam Howe.

Click the play button below to get watching the lost tour edit now, and see what this lot got up to as the rolled through Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Leeds, Bolton, Manchester, Harrogate and elsewhere!

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