Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Garry Woodward – “Hating Life” (1999)

I was mortified when i thought I’d lost my copy of Neil Chester’s 1999 A4 Distribution video “Hating Life”, but luckily enough, I’d only managed to misplace it as I found the thing whilst rifling through a box of old VHS earlier this week.

Anyway, Garry “Woody” Woodward’s closing section was always a real standout for me – the combination of full speed lines, proper “all terrain” business and raw Mancunion power meant that this particular part got a heavy rinsing upon its release. Seems as I finally found my copy of the video, I thought I’d share Woody’s part with the world via this weeks Sunday Service.

Obviously props to Neil Chester for filming and editing this classic UK video – pay attention to the boardslide attempts at Castlefield in Manchester at the start. Mental…

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