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Sunday Service: Frank Stephens - "VideoLog 6" (1995)

Sunday Service: Frank Stephens - "VideoLog 6" (1995)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Frank Stephens sections lurking in the vault, we decide to throw his section from Rollersnakes VideoLog 6 (1996) into the Sunday Service mix.

Filmed mainly in Ipswich and London, this part was released by the short lived Tree Fort Skateboards to introduce Frank as their UK rider. The team in The States consisted of Danny Supa, Jeremy Deglopper, Max Dufour, Vinnie Ponte and Jimmy Chadwick, with Frank holding it down on British shores. The company folded in 1996, though Frank quickly became one of the founding riders for the first incarnation of Unabomber when that came into being later the same year.

Anyway, sink your teeth into a long lost three and a half minutes of classic Frank now by pressing play below.

See you next Sunday!

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